Horrocks on High - 08/10/13


As if one supreme Aussie female winemaker hadn’t been enough in a 24 hour period (I’d had the pleasure of dining with Vanya Cullen the night before - see post below), fate would have it that I secured a double whammy of vinous excellence when Stephanie Toole happened to wander into The Flying Winemaker where I was having a long overdue catch up with owner and winemaker himself, Eddie McDougall. 

Now I have had a particular soft spot for both these top lady winemakers, ever since I escorted them on the first Liberty Wines ’Australian Roadshow’ back in 2010. The tour took the winemakers to various parts of the UK and, with the help of Liberty sales legend Mike Stewart, myself, Stephanie and Vanya managed to secure an unforgettable trip up to Edinburgh and through the deeper, darker parts of the Scottish Highlands. It was here that I had the pleasure not only to get to know the wines of these two awesome Australian wine estates, but also to discover the stories, the hearts and the souls behind the wines themselves, the vital parts in my mind, to any terroir driven wines. 

So to randomly bump into Stephanie a couple of Tuesdays ago in the middle of Hong Kong’s LKF, really was just such an amazing surprise and an invite to taste the wines that afternoon at Roka, one I simply couldn’t resist or refuse. As ever, the wines were tasting fantastically but perhaps, I think, ever better than usual. Vanya had pointed out the night before that both Monday and Tuesday that week were flower days according to the Biodynamic calendar so perfect for tasting wines such as these made by winemakers who, in Vanya’s words, simply ‘let the soil sing’. 

Watervale Riesling 2013

Wonderful aromatics with lovely lime and mineral character coming through on the nose accompanied by white floral touches. Lovely mouthfeel with orange blossom character and a tropical fruit touch. Great acidity, exquisite balance, with the trademark Horrocks elegance coming through on the long finish. 

Watervale Semillon 2011

A hint of Semillon’s pleasant oily, savoury character on the nose with ripe lemon and honey touches. Good body, great acidity, levels of complexity and a lasting finish easily give this wine ten years further ageing and development. 

Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Intense cassis and blackberry spice notes on the nose which was slightly closed to begin with but opened up with time. Wonderful black fruits with a hint of menthol eucalyptus on the palate. Firm, ripe tannins and a full body. Not a blockbuster wine, rather a supremely elegant one, fantastically well balanced, with layers of complexity and long length. 

Watervale Shiraz 2010

Very deep blackberry aromas with touches of new oak and spice. Wonderful complex perfumes on both the nose and palate. Full body, elegant yet powerful. Rounded, firm tannins with fresh acidity and long length. A great example of Clare Valley Shiraz. 17.5

Cordon Cut Riesling 2013

Such fresh ripe gorgeous aromas leap out of glass stretching across a range from ripe lemon and lime to tropical fruit notes, orange blossom, mango, white peach, guava and lychee. A supremely complex bouquet. Full bodied with layer upon layer of tropical fruit flavours, honey and orange  blossom.  The ripeness and intensity of the fruit flavours are perfectly balanced by searing acidity, cutting through the residual sugar to leave a wonderfully balanced finish of ever lasting length. Enjoyed in the past by The Queen of England herself, this is a wine far too good to spit! 

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